Public Service

Keys to Community Prosperity

The Chinook Institute for Civic Leadership, The Heartland Center for Leadership Development, and Rural Development Initiatives, Inc., present a powerful three-day conference on Community Prosperity.

Drawing on the Heartland Center’s program, HomeTown Competitiveness, and adding lessons and insight based on the real needs and situations in Oregon, this conference promises to be a milestone in helping communities define the success they realistically wish to achieve and developing capacity and strategies for getting there.

Participants will leave with strong frameworks for moving forward to lead important work in their own communities.

October 27, 28, and 29, 2014
Location: Oregon Gardens - Silverton Oregon

Registration will open mid-June.

Resiliency in the Heat of Public Service: Using Our Emotional Intelligence to Survive and Thrive

Public service professionals deserve resilience, too! It’s a difficult trick: facing changes in our organizations and our own departments in challenging times and still maintaining our personal productivity, creativity and health.

Resilience is a foundational key in keeping our boat upright and on a steady course. With improved resilience comes both improved emotional and physical wellness and performance improvement because it reduces the invisible costs of being present at work yet distracted by emotional noise.

Improve your own abilities to understand and use practical emotional intelligence skills to be more resilient and to better manage the stressful situations in today’s difficult economic and political times. Participate in this informative and lively session and apply practical resilience tools to improve your own resilience and emotional intelligence quotient.

September 17, 2014
Clackamas County Public Service Building
Oregon City, Oregon