Planning in Oregon: Building Successful Communities - Central Point

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Planning in Oregon: Building Successful Communities - Central Point


October 7 - Rogue Valley COG Office - 155 N 1st Street - Central Point

9:00-4:00  registration starts at 8:30 - lunch included


John Morgan and Walt Wendolowski

This training for local government officials will help communities perform land use planning functions in a knowledgeable, competent, and legal manner resulting in good and effective decisions. Participants will learn:

  • History of planning in Oregon; develop a good understanding of planning including the role of the state and the role of local governments.
  • Fundamental principles of long-range and current planning; learn about the various elements of planning, why they exist, and how they relate to each other.
  • The Comprehensive Plan, zoning and subdivision ordinance, and how they work.
  • Types of planning applications; knowing a zone change from a variance.
  • How decisions are made; the role of the staff, planning commission, and elected officials; and just what is quasi-judicial anyway?
  • How decisions are made, what's important, what's not.
  • Applications; paperwork, process, protocol, and avoiding pandemonium
  • Procedures, decorum, and protocol for public hearings and working with citizens.
  • Creating an effective and respected planning process resulting in legally and politically sound decisions - hint: it ain't easy; learn the relevant legal framework for planning and decisions making.


  • Planning Commissioners
  • City Councilors & County Commissioners
  • Planning Directors and staff
  • City Recorders
  • Others involved in any aspect of a community's planning process.
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