Extreme Leadership - Your Radical Leap Forward at Work and Beyond

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Extreme Leadership - Your Radical Leap Forward at Work and Beyond


October 11, 2017 – 9:00 to 4:00 – registration at 8:30

Keizer Heritage Center - Keizer, Oregon

Based on Radical LEAP by Steve Farber, named as one of The 100 Best Leadership Books of All Time


In this chaotic and extreme age, leaders must demonstrate an unprecedented level of passion, determination, foresight, dedication, and fearlessness. In this popular presentation, certified trainers John Morgan and Shellí Honeywell show you how to use the LEAP framework – Love, Energy, Audacity and Proof, to radically improve your leadership, your government or civic organization, your community, your business, and your life.

In this energetic and insightful program, you will discover how to…

·       Harness fear and use it to your advantage

·       Use the power of the heart to achieve the extraordinary at City Hall, the Courthouse, the Capitol, or in your Business

·       Inspire yourself and others to change the world you live in

·       Earn your citizens, partners, and staffs’ love and loyalty

·       Keep yourself and others passionately engaged in the work at hand—even in troubled or difficult times

All participants will receive the program workbook and a copy of The Radical LEAP.

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